Those Times The Wife Did Not Know She Was Emotionally Abused


It is customary that a wife is submissive to her husband, but how much does she have to surrender? Is it okay to let your husband take away your identity and be just his wife? No, it is never okay, and it is not feminism. It is called respect.


When a man and woman get married, they vow to love, respect and take care of each other until the end, and the vow is between the two, not just the wife to his husband. It goes both ways. Many marriages are still bound to traditional relationships where women serve their husband.


What is the difference between serve and support? How does this difference affect the emotional state of a woman in marriage? Jor-El Caraballo, LMHC explains “Relationships in and of themselves do not create mental illness.” However, he adds, “When we suffer in our relationships, it can be difficult to move forward from past hurt and trauma.”


Being a servant means to do as your master wishes, disregarding your opinion, while being a wife is to be a partner, confidant, supporter of your husband. He as your husband must take care of your feelings and emotions. A husband who is allowing you to suffer emotionally is not a husband. He is either your master or merely a selfish companion. “Being in an abusive relationship is incredibly confusing, and multiple myths about abuse can make it difficult to identify when it happens to you.” Brandy Parris, MA, LMHC Brandy Parris, MA, LMHC said. So you better know the signs.


What Are The Simple Examples Of Emotional Abuse That Are Typically Happening But Women Choose To Ignore?

  1. You want to celebrate your anniversary with just the two of you, but he plans on inviting all your friends. He gives you cold treatment or makes you feel he is unhappy because you did not accept his idea. Many other situations similar to this are considered as emotional It is like blackmailing you to be agreeable to his opinion, or he will be unhappy.


  1. You want to try to cook a new dish, but he openly objects and insists that you buy a prepared meal instead. He knows you do not know how to cook, and he honestly tells you so. He makes you think that you will just be wasting effort and money on ingredients for a meal that would not turn out good.


  1. You are sick, but he still expects you to work around the house. He comes home from work all tired, and he wants you to prepare his favorite Being sick is not an excuse, so instead of resting, you will do what pleases him.


  1. He does not want you to spend time with your family or friends even though he knows how important they are to you. He, on the other hand, has the freedom to do what he pleases.


  1. He does not give you what you want, but he completely knows what it is. He does not give importance to your desires though they are inexpensive. Sometimes, he may refuse to allow you to buy makeups or a new He does not give importance to your self-worth.

“Emotional abuse could also look like repeated criticisms about personal vulnerabilities you’ve shared with them in the past, such as abuse histories, phobias, fears, or sensitive information about your past.” Christine Scott-Hudson, MA MFT ATR said. Emotional abuse can be happening in a marriage every single day, but women choose to ignore it because they would rather suffer than give up on their marriage. What women need to realize is that no relationship is ever worth the emotional pain of losing one’s self-worth. They have to remember that they got married to be with someone who loves and respects them wholeheartedly. Marriage is a two-way street, and being a martyr does not count as one of its many definitions. At the end of the day, being emotionally abused is a choice.