Six Movies To Watch With Your Husband To Travel The World While In Quarantine

Are you one of the couples who had to cancel their vacation plans because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Even if you and your husband want to hop on the next flight, it will not be safe to do so. Your travel plans should be best on hold while there is a risk of infecting yourselves and your loved ones with the virus. 

Dr. John Denninger M.D., Ph.D., says “Travel is a great thing to appreciate, to remind yourself that not everyone has the opportunity to do this. That appreciation has been demonstrated to be positive for mood and mental health.”    

However, there is still a way for you to explore the world while staying safe at home. Below are some movies which and your husband can enjoy to travel to various places and experience different cities. Enjoy!

Eat Pray Love

Travel To: India, Italy, and Indonesia 


Eat Pray Love is a book turned film starring Julia Roberts. Aside from enjoying three beautiful and diverse locations, the movie will inspire you to leap of faith to try new things.

The film is about an unhappy married woman who decided to leave everything behind and find herself. In pursuit of building herself again, she was able to enjoy good food, find inner peace, and meet new and exciting people. This film is not only visually appealing but also uplifting to the soul.

Before Sunrise 

Travel To: Vienna, Austria

One of the best things about traveling is meeting new people. Before Sunrise is a movie about two characters, who met on the train, and these characters then spent the rest of the evening together.

The characters got to know each other while walking and exploring the city of Vienna. It is not a surprise how the two characters fall in love while surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the place. If you are a romantic and love the idea of perfect chemistry and travel, try and watch this film.

Lost In Translation 

Travel To: Japan 


Lost in Translation stars Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray. Past his superstar prime, Bob goes to Japan to shoot for a commercial. On the other hand, Charlotte is the wife of a photographer who is often left alone to explore Japan.

Set in the busy city of Tokyo, both characters were lost and found a companion in each other while discovering the culture of Japan. Watch the entire film and see how these characters survived to be in a foreign country.

Crazy Rich Asians

Travel To: Singapore


When you do not have a spending limit, imagine where and what money can buy you. Crazy Rich Asians is also a book turned movie that features the lifestyle of Singapore’s most elite.

The story revolves around how a simple girl found out and tried to survive in his boyfriend’s wealthy family. Get first-hand experience on how the rich spend their money as they enjoy yachts, luxurious beach trips, and parties. Explore Singapore in a new light while falling in love. 

The Proposal 

Travel To: Alaska

The Proposal is an unconventional love story. Usually, people fall in love with one another, get engaged, and eventually, get married. These events also happened for Andrew Paxton and Margaret Tate- only in a different order. Andrew is Margaret’s secretary.

Unfortunately, she is about to be deported. To avoid this mishap and in exchange for a promotion, Margaret forced Andrew into an engagement. The “couple” traveled to Alaska to meet Andrew’s family and eventually fell in love.      

Mamma Mia!

Travel To: Greece


Who doesn’t want good music and movie? Set in the majestic beauty of Greece, Mamma Mia is a musical featuring the songs of Abba. Sophie Sheridan, played by Amanda Seyfried, is bride-to-be hoping to meet her birth father before she gets married.

She decided to invite three of her suspected men to her wedding, surprising her mother, played by Meryl Streep. Watch the full movie and enjoy the music, the laughter, and the love the characters exhibited throughout the story.

Traveling with your significant other gives you new opportunities to get to know them better. While you are waiting for the outdoors to be safe, try satisfying your urge to travel by watching these movies. You might want to consider some of their movie locations on your second honeymoon.

Instead of feeling stuck at home, go travel the world with your husband through your screens, and stay safe!