Loving The Wife More And Understanding Her Less: Loving The Husband Less And Understanding Him More

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It is fate that unites a man and a woman, and as per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are about 2,245,404 marriages in America, but 827,261 ended up in divorce. It seems love faded, and couples chose to part ways permanently.

There are many challenges in marriage since it is the union of two completely different individuals. They have to deal with their differences, and it is easier said than done. There will come the point where one can feel burned out by the relationship, and fortunately, there is always a choice to walk away. As Heather Edwards LMHC, NCC, BCC says, “It can be difficult to re-establish a healthy routine and empower yourself after a toxic relationship. Fortunately, coming to the realization that you need to let go is one of the most difficult steps.”

The key to eternal marriage is becoming more and more difficult to possess. Married couples are more likely to settle differences in court than to work things out. However, there is a detested way to make a marriage last.

For some reason, it is the nature of women to love men profoundly, and for a long time, men have been trying to understand women. Maybe this is the problem, but our feelings and emotions blind us, and if we think about it thoroughly, this could indeed make sense. Jor-El Caraballo, LMHC said, “Relationships in and of themselves do not create mental illness.” However, he adds, “When we suffer in our relationships, it can be difficult to move forward from past hurt and trauma.”

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Loving The Wife More And Understanding Her Less

It is not that men love their wives inadequately. Maybe they feel it intensely but are showing it wrong. Men may not be aware that women have ideals when they think about marriage, and it is plain hypocrisy to say otherwise. Women may say they are content with this and that, but they have already set a standard. It is either husband meets or surpasses it, and anything less, to even an inch, makes love questionable.

Men should never understand women because it honestly is impossible. Women’s mind reaches the stars when thinking, and to try to catch up is not the wisest idea because they may only be gathering possibilities. Let’s face it; women are emotional. They tend to overthink about everything, and most of the time conflicts start because of him being him (insensitive) and her being her (too sensitive).

What men should do is to love their wives more, and they can do this by knowing their expectations and exceed them. Do the unexpected if you can because, with women, chances are they have already thought about ten different scenarios. Do the 11th because women love surprises. They may say they don’t, but they do!

Loving The Husband Less And Understanding Him More

Women have an intense way of feeling what they feel that they tend to ignore what they should be dealing with like their husband’s behavior. For instance, he drinks a lot or has a gambling problem. She may oversee this and love him unconditionally. She doesn’t mind that this is already a problem in their marriage, and instead of doing something about it, she keeps quiet and loves him more, but weeps silently.

Women should be objective that instead of blindly accepting all circumstances, she should be trying to understand the situation and think of ways to comprehend, to make her husband know that it is not okay or she is hurting with his behavior. The thing with women is that they assume and demand that men “should” know, and on the other hand, men are thinking “She’ll say something if it’s not okay.”

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“We can’t change the toxic people into non-toxic people, but we can work on being less reactive.” Marie Manly, PhD implies. Men and women are entirely different. They tend to think and function oppositely, and making them meet in the middle could be very challenging. Since they are the opposite of each other, maybe he ought to do what he wouldn’t, and she ought to not do what she does, but then again, we all act according to our feelings, and maybe it is the way it should be, and it is just about finding the one who fits the puzzle.