Is Your Wife A Nagger Or You Just Would Not Listen?


Wives are often known as a nagger. Is it so, or he just would not pay attention to what she wants to convey? A nagging woman has probably brought up what she is saying for the nth time because nobody is sane enough to be mad about something that came up the first time.

A woman would act upset about something that has happened once. According to Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC “Emotional abuse is just as damaging as other types of abuse, if not more so because it leaves no visible scars. Instead, the wounds are deep and can take a functioning person and turn them into traumatized.” Nagging is more like an accumulation of all the suppressed emotions that she did not lay on the table before. So if men think that it was okay not to keep their promise of taking their wife to dinner that night, it was like throwing a banana peel on a trash bin – one day it just needs to be emptied.


What Do Women Commonly Nag About And What Should Men Do?

  • Women get sick of you not keeping up with your promise of taking her out because of your busy schedule at work. Of course, your wife is appreciative of what you do for the family, but a simple dinner would not take as long as eight hours.


  • Men should find time to take their wife to date. They have to bear in mind that they are not the only one exhausted in their everyday routine. Women are also held up in their daily responsibilities of making sure that everyone in the family is doing well.


  • Women are distressed over envelopes of unpaid bills piling up on the desk. They are worried about the stability of the household, and worrying makes them furious. Once is okay, but seeing the overdue accountabilities every time is frustrating.


  • Men should always make sure they are up to what they are obliged to do. They should remember that they have taken a wife and decided to raise a family with her. They must make their best effort to let her concentrate on what she is supposed to do by focusing on what they are supposed to do – secure the family.


  • Women are dismayed whenever men are too busy with their phones or watching the television while they are exasperated with all the household tasks. It may look easy, but it never is. Keeping the house clean and all the works in between can be too tiring.


  • Men should at least ask what they can do to help. It may be their time off from work, but they should remember that their wife doesn’t have time off. She works 24/7 in the house, and the least they could do is lessen her chores by cleaning up their mess.


If a wife is nagging, there is always a good reason behind it. No one is born to complain and get pissed about simple things on a daily basis. Dr. Karen Ruskin, Psy.D. explains that “On the other hand, nagging may mean the wife is on top of things in the home,” Ruskin told Healthline. “Women often take on the job of home management [and] men may label wives’ repetitive requests as nagging.”


If You Are A Husband Of A Nagging Wife, Ask Yourself This:

  • Are there promises I forgot to keep?
  • Am I putting my best foot forward on making her happy?
  • When was the last time I took her out for a date?
  • What do I do on my time off work?


Jeffrey J. Pipe, PsyD. said, “In relationships, stonewalling is the emotional equivalent to cutting off someone’s oxygen. The emotional detachment inherent to stonewalling is a form of abandonment and the effect that it has on a spouse is dramatic.” Nagging could be a sign that she needs more love and attention that you are failing to give, so the next time your wife nags, do not get upset and walk out or talk back. Urge her to talk about what’s troubling her and ask what you can do to make her feel better.