My Story of Catching My Cheating Husband

A relationship is all about trust. Without it, you will never have peace of mind, and paranoia will always be knocking on your door. You must be able to be left alone at night without worrying about a cheating husband.

Woman and her husband relaxing on a park

If you have this kind of relationship, then you are one lucky woman. You have probably seen men use the internet to cheat. With technology today, the temptation can freely creep into our husband’s midst.

My Cheating Husband – Story

My husband and I had individual counseling a few years back, and it did us well incredibly. We learned to manage our issues and focus on being successful. We learned all the possible hindrances why we couldn’t move forward in our careers. A few months after our session, we both got promoted in our jobs, and everything was going nicely. We decided to pause our therapies for a while.

We owe pretty much our success to our online therapist, but of course, it was our determination that made all this possible. My husband told me that he’s going to go back to therapy, and I was happy for him. It is a sign that he wants to do more in life. He seems into what Ryan Mebust – LMFT says, “We all experience obstacles in life that keep us from feeling and being whole. Many have found counseling as a way to invest in themselves, their relationships, or their families in order to support a better or new meaning on life.” That is great!


After three months, for some reason, we were starting to argue. He was always hostile to me. I would ask him a simple question like “How is the therapy going, and his mood will change as if I’m meddling too much! Honestly, I am troubled by his behavior, and he’s different. I knew something was wrong. He was always talking on the phone with his therapist, so I thought something was bugging him.

One time, I was in the groceries thinking of what to cook for dinner when a friend of ours came to me, and we had a fun conversation. Suddenly, she became quiet and looked at me as if she meant to say something.

“What?” I asked with a little irritability.

“I saw your husband with another woman.” She said.


I was stunned. I didn’t know how to react. I thought it was some sort of a joke, but I knew our friend. She did not have a sense of humor, and the last thing she would try to pull was a prank.

“We were out of town last week and we stayed in a hotel, and I saw him. It was different. He kissed her.”


At that moment, I was like in a spotlight but floating. I felt numbness, and it was like I was going to vomit anytime!

“This can’t be happening. No, he can’t do this on me.” 


I am confident that he takes note of Sam Louie MA, LMHC reminder that “In the age of instant connection and feedback, this may be a good reminder that less connection with others may be the best type of connection for your romantic relationship.”

Two days had passed, and I was just observing him. I couldn’t confront him. I didn’t know-how. He was always on the phone, and now it made sense.

When he was asleep, I took his phone, but it was locked. Why would he lock his phone! So I put it down. I wasn’t able to sleep that night. It was all starting to come together.

A Husband Caught Cheating

Next morning, I couldn’t let him notice my suspicion as I wanted to catch him without an escape. We were having coffee when his colleague called. It seemed urgent. He looked worried but forgot his laptop in the bedroom. He hurriedly went back in to get it. He left his phone, and it was unlocked! This was my chance. I took it and looked at the call log. He was always on a call with a number named “therapist.”

A woman looking at her husband's phone to see if he's cheating on her.

I called the number, and it was ringing. My hands were cold, and I was nervous. I was hoping I wasn’t right to think it wasn’t his therapist and he never was on therapy, but at the same time, my gut feeling never failed, and that scared me. Suddenly, I heard a voice.

“Good morning, honey. Why did you call so early? Miss me?”


I get Dave Stacho LMHC‘s point now. “Cheating in a marriage or other committed relationship is so destructive that about 50% of the time the couple breaks up.” Sure, that is what going to happen.