Cheating: Emotional And Psychological Abuse

When we hear of abuse, we always think it is physical, but other abuses could happen within a marriage. Some forms of abuse such as emotional and psychological abuse would leave no bruise nor a scratch. They are silent abuses which damage us from inside.


Cheating is never reasonable. Once you’re married, you have committed yourself to one person alone. You have committed to remain faithful no matter the circumstances and to take care of that person’s wellbeing like it is your own.

Dealing with your better half cheating on you is one of the most tormenting feelings is emotional and psychological abuse, which is never good for the health. As stated by Dave Stacho LMHC, “Cheating in a marriage or other committed relationship is so destructive that about 50% of the time the couple breaks up.”

What are the negative impacts of a cheating husband?

  1. You begin to doubt yourself. What have I done wrong? Am I not pretty enough? Maybe I gained a lot of weight, or I might be boring him. These things could be running inside your head. When he seeks for the company of another woman, it will make you think it’s your fault, and you begin to doubt your self-worth.
  2. You begin to have sleepless nights thinking of what could have happened, or what you could have done better
  3. You could not focus on important things like your kids, the house, or your job.
  4. You are not fit to work because you are emotionally and psychologically unstable because all you can think about is the betrayal.
  5. You become cynical about everything that’s happening. You lose interest in things that would normally make you happy. You will start to think that everything is pointless.

These are all emotional and psychological abuse because they all affect how we feel towards ourselves and others and how we function. It is never easy to deal with situations like this. However, we don’t have a choice but to move on. No woman has given this much of a thought, but how do we deal with such a betrayal?

What do you do when your husband is cheating?

  1. Ask him and know the truth straight from him. Don’t go stalking. It’s never good for you to waste your time worrying when you have a way of knowing the truth. You can’t expect to get it, but at least you tried.
  2. Talk about the problem. Talk about what could have happened. Know what could have caused your husband to betray your trust.
  3. Get angry! You can scream your heart out if you like. Just let it all out. Don’t let hatred stay inside you as it’s like a poison that will slowly kill you.
  4. It would take some time to forgive and forget, or you may not even forget, but always remember that you have to, for your peace.
  5. No matter what your decision is, make sure that it is for yourself, not for anyone else. You need to heal and be whole again, so don’t base your decision on hopes. “Give yourself time to heal. We can be harder on ourselves than on any other person. Realize that fully overcoming the issues you had to face during your relationship may take time, and that’s OKAY.” Heather Edwards LMHC, NCC, BCC said.

“We all know that both sexes are guilty of infidelity and that blame for a broken relationship is not the fault of a gender, but there are several aspects of male infidelity that are more attributable to men then women,” says Katrina Bilhimer, Ma, LMHC. Cheating is a form of emotional and psychological abuse as it affects how we see and value ourselves. It changes our perspective and state of mind. Our feelings and emotions are essential to our overall wellness taking care of them is also as taking care of our physical being.